Trafficking Interactive Prevention Simulation

HTAP developed a new human trafficking prevention program called Trafficking Interactive Prevention Simulation (TIPS). This program was created through a partnership between Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships, Inc. and the 4H Trail Blazers youth group in Fort Myers, FL. The goal is to teach youth and teens, ages 8 to 18, about the warning signs and tactics that traffickers in the United States will use to lure their victims.

This population of kids is at most at-risk for becoming victims of this horrible crime because their age makes them a vulnerable target. Research shows that 67% of human trafficking victims are recruited through persuasion and a false sense of friendship, relationship, or love. The federal law says that any child under the age of 18 who are found performing paid sex acts are defined as a victim of human trafficking. It has also been determined that the average age of an American child entering into the sex trade is 12. Therefore, we feel that it is imperative to educate the population that is most at-risk for becoming victims in hopes of preventing this crime from happening to our children and grandchildren.

The TIPS experience provides a safe and controlled environment for the participants to hear the beginning stages of trafficking scenarios. These scenarios are based on real life trafficking cases and they have been adapted to take place during the four high school years. The trafficking scenario content ranges from being lured by a friend, love, and by opportunities that seem too good to be true. These are all real-life techniques used by traffickers to recruit their victims. At the end of the experience, the participants will have the opportunity to read what actually happened to the victim they just heard about in the various scenarios. Participants are given cards with actual tips they can use to protect and prevent themselves from becoming victims of human trafficking.

TIPS is a human trafficking prevention tool that can be taken into middle and high schools, after school programs, and youth programs. Our ultimate hope is to have TIPS be used as a prevention tool that can be duplicated across the county in order to educate all American youth about the dangers and signs of human trafficking.

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