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Since 2004, when our leadership spearheaded the formation of the original SWFL Regional Human Trafficking Coalition, we have taken an active leadership role in the local coalition and have used it as a model to help other communities.

Since 2006, we have worked with community leaders in many cities around the country who have since formed or become part of community partnerships to fight human trafficking. We have also trained professional groups at conferences or on-site trainings around the country.



Since 2010, we have developed two youth preventative programs, ARTREACH and TIPS, aimed at young people to educate them about human trafficking dangers and empower them to educate their peers using art.


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In 2012, we developed our Point of Contact, Point of Rescue program which trains employees of businesses and organizations which may encounter human trafficking victims, such as hospitals, libraries, malls and restaurants to recognize the signs of trafficking and develop a protocol to report their sightings to make their locations safer for patrons and employees.




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