1. Blickrylics Acrylic Paint (Student Grade) 1 gallon per color.00711-4158-3ww-l02909-group3ww-l
      • Bright Red
      • Burnt Sienna
      • Burnt Umber
      • Green Oxide
      • Primary Yellow
      • Raw Sienna
      • Titanium White
      • Cobalt Blue
      • Black
    2. Blickrylics Lockable Pump Lid for half gallon container (10)
    3. Colored Pencil 12 pencil set (up to 200 sets)
    4. #2 Pencils (up to 200)
    5. Pencil Sharpeners (up to 200)
    6. Erasers (up to 200)
    7. Rulers (up to 200)
    8. Synthetic Brush Paint Brushes
    9. Dove Dark Chocolate Candy Bags: The reason we ask for Dove Dark Chocolate specifically is because it is slave free! We pass these candies out as we talk to youth about the child slaves that harvest cocoa beans. 
     Every year, we put together basic art kits for the children who participate in ARTREACH (last year 166). The kit contains packs of 12 colored pencils, 2 pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, a ruler and a sketch pad. We have a source for the sketch pads and the plastic envelope which we use to package the kits, but we could use probably 200 of each of the other items, but we would be happy with any amount of any of these things.


If you purchase any of these gifts for HTAP you can either bring them by the HTAP office, have them picked up, or have them shipped to HTAP. The Shipping and Drop off address is,

7175 Concourse Drive #400, Fort Myers, FL 33908

Thank you for choosing to make one of our wishes come true.

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