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One of a kind, handmade tasbih or prayer beads in brown jasper with gold metal. Reduce anxiety and feel at peace with a beautiful accessory for your hand, mind, and heart. Cycling each bead through your fingers provides a visually intriguing, purposeful way to focus, meditate, or simply give your hands something to do during meetings, work or play.

Prayer beads have traditionally been used in many faith traditions for relaxation, anxiety reduction, prayer, meditation, chants or repetitive devotions, called dhikr (remembrance of God) in Islam. Prayer beads go by many names, also called tasbih (or tasbeeh), misbaha, komboloi, rosary, sebha, worry beads, anxiety beads or fidget beads.

Each set is handmade by a father-daughter artisan team in California, with the highest quality and care, as a piece of functional art for you.Every unique tasbih is made with 33 beads, as they have been for more than a thousand years. Delicate but durable, your one of a kind sebha is able to go anywhere you do.

The artists' philosophy is that, when dealing with whatever life brings you, holding onto something beautiful will calm you and will be a powerful physical and mental meditative practice.

Please note: Each piece is individually hand made following centuries old jewelry making traditions.  Differences in color, slight marks and imperfections are a hallmark of the individuality of this product and no two pieces will be exactly alike. Due to its handmade nature, this item ships in 7 business days and is not available for rush shipping.

  • 33 beads
  • Hand made in California

A unique gift with style and purpose, each tasbih is shipped in a black velvet drawstring pouch with AC Store logo, ready for gifting.

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